Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rainy Weekend Knitting

I somehow gathered up the willpower to go ahead and again cast on the 53 stitches required for this lace ribbon scarf. Maybe now that I've attempted to start this project like 15 times, I'm finally getting the hang of the pattern! I've actually made a good amount of progress, happily knitting away in James's room as he worked on his taxes. The weather is still grey and drizzly, and it just makes me want to curl up and keep working on it! I adore the way this scarf is coming out (even though it's only 3 inches long so far) and I get sucked in (just as with crochet) so that I can barely take my eyes off the yarn mid-row. Mmm, delicious.

I also obtained a lovely 50%-off coupon to Michael's (thank you to Kevin) and could not resist going there even though I was not in need of any supplies. After browsing the entire store twice over (and annoying James thoroughly with my indecision), I picked out a yellow ball of Lion Brand Pound of Love. So now I'm fully equipped for the next time someone decides to have a baby, I can bust out a blanket in no time. Theoretically.

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