Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP: Topaz Baby Dress

Sometimes I amaze myself with the horribleness of the photos I take of things I've made. This is only the least blurry one of the batch. Anyway, I finally finished knitting the Topaz dress for Jeanne and Jason's baby, who will arrive sometime this June, I believe. This Malabrigo yarn was SO MUCH FUN to knit with, the colors are vibrant and slightly variable, just making my life that much more interesting with every row I knit. It was also my first attempt at two-color knitting! Does it count as Fair Isle? I have no idea. But it was so exciting to see it work!

I also used the recommended technique of grafting to sew the front and back pieces together at the sleeve strap. It's amazing, you can't even tell it's a seam! These little things totally thrill me. :)

Now all that's left to do is sew up the side seams and send it off to California!