Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mom's Flower Tote

Ohh, I forgot about this one! I made this bag for my mom last year for Mother's Day. Sheesh, all these posts seem to be related to my mom... Anyway, I found the idea for the bag online, although the basic pattern was just to make a giant rectangle and sew it together. Then I made up my own flowers to sew on, and I embroidered the stems. Voila! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Earrings for Sungyon!

I made these for her birthday back in the fall, and then as luck would have it, one of them fell out of her ear on the very first day she wore them. So I just finally crocheted up another one (in like 20 minutes). I made up the design myself; it took me a few prototypes before it looked right. They're a nice dark red color, if you can't tell. I think I need to work on my photography skillz... Posted by Picasa

Chic Pillows

My mom and I made these two pillows for my living room here in Cambridge. Actually, all I did was fix up the ribbons for the gold pillow, and Mom sewed them together. Mom is really the greatest crafter ever, and no wonder I get so much done when I'm home visiting her. :) Posted by Picasa

Angela's Headband

A headband for Angela! I made this for her 23rd birthday, which was several months ago - so this is long overdue. I basically picked out a cool-looking stitch from the Harmony crochet stitch book and made it into a pattern. I started it over Thanksgiving at Auntie Kumu's house, where my crocheting buddy was my 2nd cousin Lauren who was knitting a scarf, while we both watched our cousin-nephew William, sleeping in his stroller. Ahh, good times. Anyway, I'll have to get a pic of Angela modeling this headband soon!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Spike Stitch Pillow

I just finished crocheting this super awesome pillow cover for my mom - she picked out the color scheme for "my" room at home (i.e. the room I stay in when I come visit Mom and Dad). I found the pattern on again, a site that usually gives me a lot of good ideas. My mom sewed a purple fabric backing for the pillow, and it came out well! Posted by Picasa

Easter Bunny

I made this little egg warmer last March for my mom. It was pretty easy and quick to make; I found the pattern somewhere online. Too bad my mom didn't actually get it until like July, since it got lost in the mail and ended up back in my mailbox in May. Posted by Picasa

The Key Basket

Check out this basket I crocheted. I bought some jute twine at the hardware store and crocheted this according to the pattern I found on The pattern worked really well, but the twine was a little messy - it tended to shed bits of fiber and dirt on my lap while I crocheted. But I love the final product! I use it to hold my keys, which I am always misplacing otherwise. Posted by Picasa