Monday, February 27, 2006

lovey days

Here's a random selection of some Valentine's cards I made for my dearest buddies here in Boston. Note the awesome touch added by the letter stamps that Kim gave me for my b-day. Woohoo! It took me forever to make these cards (like maybe 5 hours, while watching the Olympics) because I always want to make each one unique. So different from Xmas, where I made myself into a one-woman snowman-making assembly line, cutting out 10 circles at a time. But unique cards are more fun, I think. :)
Soon to come: the headband I crocheted for Rani! All I have to do is tuck in tails! I'm so lazy!!
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Yarn!

My sister Kim sent me this wonderful stash of yarn for my 24th birthday (along with some way cool alphabet stamps and patterned paper), and now I'm scheming for ways to crochet it all into cool things. I recently bought a Vogue crocheted scarves book on major sale at Micheal's, and I'm dying to make one of those scarves with some of this yarn. The light pink yarn is a super soft cashmere, and the blue is a nylon/acrylic that feels like a bunny's tummy. Perfect scarf material! But the orange yarn intrigues me the most - it's a warm earthy color with a unique texture; it will be more challenging to find a project for this one.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I made this for my friend Barry, who is a super crazy and talented artist/musician/toy-designer/mythbuster, since he made fobtoons (fob = friends of barry) for probably everyone he knows. Including me! When he asked everyone for their Barrytoons, I just couldn't resist making this guy. ...I'd say the hardest part was making all his hair! But at least it's accurate, haha... Posted by Picasa