Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh, Pretty Closet Door!

When I pulled my sewing machine out of its inner-desk hideaway, it was covered in black dust and kind of groggy. But after a quick wipedown with a q-tip and a tissue, it was ready to sew me a curtain!

I'd had this red and white fabric for several weeks, sitting next to my desk and bugging me to make this curtain for my closet (in place of a closet door which does not exist). I was just getting tired of seeing all the crap in my closet all the time. I bought a short curtain rod and then hemmed all 4 edges of the fabric. Being so sheer and lightweight, it was tough to sew a straight hem, but hopefully nobody will notice the curling and curvature of my curtain sides.

James was playing around with the new batteries in his camera, nerdily testing their stamina by snapping pictures of everything in my room. Luckily he's a pretty good photographer, but I don't necessarily appreciate all the pics of my rear end. Anyway, he also befriended this little guy, Mr. Tomato Head. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eek! A Mouse!

After spending a couple weekends at James's apartment in New Hampshire and listening to his roommate's cat meow incessantly out of boredom, I decided to whip up a quick mousie toy for him to play with. It's mostly full of regular stuffing, with a little pinch of catnip for added intrigue. Check out Mr. Mouse's first encounter with Easy the cat. :)