Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitchen Cart, Nerd-Style

My life has been sadly lacking in good crafting lately, up until James and I came upon this excellent yard-sale find. We moved into our new apartment at the end of August, and it has a painfully small kitchen given that we love to cook. There's probably only like 6 square feet of counter space. It's a killer! So we knew we needed some sort of kitchen cart for added chopping space and whatnot. We found this beaut for only $15 and managed to cram it into James's car and get it home.
Obviously, it was well-used and needed a little TLC before it would feel at home in our living room. We spent some time discussing designs, did a bunch of sanding (mostly James, thank you thank you), spent 30 seconds picking out two awesome paint colors at Home Depot, and took it apart to start painting. I drew my nerd designs on by hand (it seemed easier than stenciling or tracing or whatever), and painted them in red. I underestimated how challenging it would be to paint those little details and ended up stopping mid-project to make a run to the art store for smaller brushes. Overall, we are both stoked at how it came out. Adds a needed pop of color to our living room! Nerd-hance!