Saturday, May 29, 2010

WIP: Fiddlehead Sweater and FO: Topaz Dress

Woohoo! My thesis is done and my defense is over, so now I am free to craft again! I'm so excited and have already built up a queue of projects to embark on. So far I have started making another item for James's niece, who is due to be born in a few weeks! This time I'm making her a Fiddlehead Pullover, using some greyish-purple bamboo yarn called On Your Toes - it has a nice little sheen to it, and was one of the few fingering-weight yarns made of bamboo that I could find! I have a tendency to pick knitting patterns that are designed for yarns that are nowhere to be found. Bwah. Anyway, this is the finest yarn I've ever used, and it certainly takes forever to make any progress with it! At least a baby sweater is relatively small. Pictures of that WIP coming soon.

Also, I forgot to share a photo of the finished Topaz dress! Here's the dress making its appearance at the baby shower (which I couldn't attend due to distance). Yay!