Sunday, February 28, 2010

Postcard Swap Belatedly

I finally completed my postcards for iHanna's postcard swap! I was supposed to have them done by Feb 14, but I am a slow crafter, it seems. I could have thrown something together more quickly, but I wanted to try to make some extra-special postcards - so I crocheted something for each one! Actually the part that probably took the longest is those little felt circles with beaded centers. Not trivial. But I love it!

I think I received 9 out of 10 of the postcards I was supposed to get in the swap, and I figure that last lingering one was some slacker like me, who will hopefully follow through on it a few weeks late. It's definitely been fun to see all the variety of postcards people have come up with. Lots of different techniques - stamps, glued fabric, silhouette cutouts, paper scraps, spray paint, stencil, even a photo of a notebook drawing!

And I'm really excited that more than half of my postcards are headed for destinations overseas. How fun to think this crafting community really has no geographic boundaries! Here's the full array of postcards, sorry for the less-than-ideal lighting. It was fun!