Thursday, May 18, 2006


Oh man, I haven't been crafting very much lately! I don't think I've crocheted anything in the past month!! This is terrible and horrible, but honestly, I've had to devote all my time to a different kind of artwork... my master's thesis!! It is due on Tuesday, and it's about 98% of the way there, but I still need to add just one more figure. I can't believe it really takes one month (or more) to write a thesis. But it is true.

Summer is almost here, and I hope to think of some summer crafting projects that don't involve having my sweaty hands stick to yarn. I still need to work on my blue pinwheel shawl - kind of summery, right? Check out my progress below... (kind of pathetic, yes). And I have just a couple more finishing touches on my new iPod cover - pink monster! More to come...