Thursday, December 28, 2006

FO! Blanket for Baby Grant

Finally I have finished the baby blanket for Tara's newest son! His name is Grant, and he was born on December 14. That was the spark for me to begin crocheting at a more frantic pace to finish the blanket before I left home so that my bro Andrew could bring it to New York in January and deliver it to Tara and Joe. And woohoo, it's done!

One thing I learned was not to trust the "no dye lot" designation of the yarn. I used Bernat Softee Baby, and although it says "no dye lot" on the label, there are actually dates printed on the labels, and different dates are not the same! I didn't realize this until the blanket was half finished and it was way too late to remove the different yarn. What's even worse is that the yarn used in the middle section is actually a lighter weight, so the whole blanket width becomes narrower in the middle, and then widens out again at the next skein! That was super annoying, but I think overall the blanket still looks pretty sweet. The yarn for the blue border is my favorite. :)

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