Monday, January 02, 2006

The Key Basket

Check out this basket I crocheted. I bought some jute twine at the hardware store and crocheted this according to the pattern I found on The pattern worked really well, but the twine was a little messy - it tended to shed bits of fiber and dirt on my lap while I crocheted. But I love the final product! I use it to hold my keys, which I am always misplacing otherwise. Posted by Picasa


Thaya Paran said...

Fantastic Anjuli!
Whoever marries you will be darn lucky!

mano said...

I agree with Thaya Paran. What a nice girl you must be to mention you mother so often in your blog. I hope she's compuer literate enough to view this. It would surely make her day.
Mrs. R. Andom

Donna said...

Looks great, Anjuli! Yeah, some jute twine is messier than others. Glad you like my pattern! :-)