Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Bahhh! I have ripped out the scarf after 24 flawless rows! I knitted for a couple hours while James napped on Sunday, and for another hour and half on the train ride home to Boston. The first full pattern repeat was just complete, and I was starting to admire my knitting proficiency and imagine the sophistication it would soon add to my wardrobe. Then I came to the end of a row and one stitch felt weird! This is a lacy pattern so the yarn does strange things when you make a mistake or get shifted off the pattern. I counted back and realized that I'd missed a yarnover in the previous row. Now, I can back-stitch like 10 stitches, but there was no way I'd make it an entire row! I attempted to insert my other needle a couple rows back, but ended up making more mistakes than I could fix. I was torn - rip it out and start over, or somehow keep going and have a giant mess (possibly just an ugly strip of yarn)? I knew it would not hold up to my chic standards with a mangled end, so I took a deep breath... and frogged it! Ahhh it was the worst moment of my day! Then it took like 5 tries to cast it back on again, with the yarn all wobbly like ramen noodles. Apparently I cannot complete this scarf without focusing 100% of my attention every time I knit. Poo.

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Mano Appapillai said...

Why not review every n steps ?
In MS Office products and other software creative tools, you get the option to reverse n steps . . saves lots of time in case you made a small mistake on a big project.