Monday, May 12, 2008

Holiday Season of Sorts

This time of year is busy for me in some ways, what with Mother's Day, the birthdays of both of my siblings, and Father's Day approaching on the horizon. Hmm, just typing this reminds me that I still need to order my sister's present. Presents are always hard, because I always try to get something that people will actually use, rather than something cute and potentially unneeded. This is especially hard since I don't live in the same geographic region as any of my immediate family. But cards are the easiest thing to send, and I was reminded yesterday that my whole crafting obsession probably started with card-making back in high school. It slowly crescendoed through college with the gradual hoarding of paper scraps and stickers and stamps, to the current state of several boxes full of sparkly pens, cardstock, patterned papers, vellum, ribbons, stamps, punches, buttons, markers, glitter, embossing powder, glue, and my good old buddy, the x-acto knife. When I decide there are cards to be made, I sit on the floor and surround myself with a halo of paper scraps, only to disappear into the proper shoebox or folder when the cards are complete. I much prefer to make every card unique than to mass-produce a bunch of identical cards for future occasions, although maybe that's because some of them are so labor-intensive. But so satisfying, yum.

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Mano Appapillai said...

So . . is the Father's Day card in the making ?